Saturday, April 20, 2019

10 Kid Friendly Earth Day Treats

Earth Day is often overlooked as far as holidays go, but I think it is definitely worth celebrating on April 22nd with your kiddos! After all, Mother Earth provides so much for us, the least we could do is show her some extra love one day a year. Get outside, pick up trash, plant a tree, or make some of these Earth-themed treats.

1) Earth Day Cookies from Tammilee Tips
Everybody loves cookies and these are so easy to make! Kids will love making these with you and they're pretty fool-proof, as well as affordable.

2) Earth Day Popcorn from Simple As That
If you've never tried making your own flavored popcorn, this is the perfect occasion to do so! Kool-aid is used for this sweet treat. Decorate paper cups to make this snack even more festive. I love how easily this recipe could be adjusted in order to make colored popcorn for other holidays, too!

3) Earth Day Oreo Truffles from The Gunny Sack
Speaking of things that are overlooked, I feel like Golden Oreos fall into that category. While their chocolate counterparts often get the majority of the attention, they are the star ingredient in these little cake balls that look like the Earth when you bite into them!

4) Earth Day Fruit Snack from Mama Guru
There's no need to only enjoy overly sweet treats on Earth Day. If you're looking for a healthier snack, kids will love helping you use fresh fruit to create an Earth-inspired fruit pizza of sorts. Delicious and guilt-free!

5) Happy Earth Day Cupcakes from Wilton
For those of you who want a little bit of a challenge, these blue and green cupcakes are right up your alley! Different piping techniques are used to create edible works of art inspired by Mother Earth. I'm not sure I have the patience to make a dozen of these, but I'd definitely enjoy eating one or two!

6) Earth Day Bark by Sheri Silver
If you've never tried making bark, it is so easy to do. In terms of giftable treats, I always find bark to be one of the most impressive-looking. This Earth Day bark only has 3 ingredients, but you could easily add more decorations as you see fit. I think the red heart sprinkle is the perfect way to show our love for the planet!

7) Earth Day Cupcakes from Pint Sized Baker
Almost any normal cupcake can be given an Earth Day spin by using green and blue accents. These cupcakes use green and blue liners and small iced sugar cookies to turn these into the ultimate Earth Day treat. It would be simple to mix up the colors for a variety of other holidays too.

8) Earth Day Cake Bites from A Sparkle of Genius
Here's another bite-sized dessert that kids will love making and eating. Paper sticks could be added if you want to make cake pops instead.

9) Earth Cake from Better Homes and Gardens
If you really want to wow kids and adults alike, then this cake is a must for any Earth Day get-together! Imagine serving this masterpiece to your friends and family after a fun-filled day out in the yard or park. It's almost too pretty to eat....almost!

10) Sky Parfaits from Tablespoon
Jell-O treats were a staple of my childhood. It was always difficult to wait the three hours necessary for the gelatin to set before diving in. Layer blue gelatin with whipped topping and sprinkle with blue and green decorations to have a simple, kid-approved treat that really screams "Earth Day!"

However you choose to celebrate Earth Day, I hope you are able to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature and her beauty!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

10 Kid Friendly St. Patrick's Day Crafts

St. Patrick's Day is always a fun holiday to celebrate with children even if it is one of the less popular ones. They enjoy seeing things turn green and keeping an eye out for signs there's a leprechaun nearby. Why not try some of these festive crafts with your little ones this March?

1) Pot of Gold Paper Plate Craft from The Simple Parent
It's hard to believe this pot of gold is made out of painted paper plates and buttons! I love the finished look and kids will really enjoy putting this one together. You can always buy black paper plates from the party aisle to save on clean-up time. I won't tell the kids you skipped the messy part!

2) Leprechaun Handprint Craft from Simple Everyday Mom
Handprint crafts are the holy grail of kids' keepsakes. This project puts a fun St. Paddy's Day twist on the common craft and would be perfect for a Pre-K or lower elementary classroom. The kids will love personalizing their own leprechauns.

3) Rainbow Rain Stick from The Kindergarten Connection
I love this craft for many reasons. First of all, it's bright and colorful. Second, it can be made with recycled materials you probably already have at the house. Third, it's so unique! There are a lot of holiday crafts out there, but I cannot say I run into rain sticks often. My sister has an authentic rain stick and I know my niece loves swinging it around and listening to the "rain." This will surely be played with until it falls apart!

4) St. Patrick's Day Slime from Emily Enchanted
It wouldn't be a craft post if there wasn't any slime! You know kids love it and they'll enjoy this version with gold glitter and leprechaun confetti. It lasts for a long time if stored in an airtight container so make it early and kids can play with it the entire month of March!

5) Torn Paper Leprechaun from I Heart Crafty Things
This leprechaun is made using glue and paper. It doesn't get any easier (or cuter) than that! This would be another great project for elementary school children.

6) Rainbow Shamrock from Housing a Forest
I've said it before and I'll say it again- I love tissue paper projects! They're easy to make with children and they always turn out so pretty! This shamrock is a great stand-alone project, but it can also be used to decorate other St. Patrick's Day crafts, like a homemade card. You could also try using a hole-punch and some string to make a rainbow shamrock mobile. The possibilities are endless!

7) End of the Rainbow Twirler from Crafty Morning
Paper plates and paint are all  you need to create this adorable rainbow twirler with the kids. A little pot of gold at the end makes the craft complete. These could be made at school and hung from the ceiling for easy St. Patrick's Day party decor!

8) Mosaic Paper Shamrocks from Happiness is Homemade
Different types and designs of paper are all you need to create these adorable mosaic shamrocks. This is a great craft that is easy for kids to do themselves using their own safety scissors and glue sticks. If you're already a crafter, you probably have a bunch of patterned paper sitting in a drawer somewhere like me. If you don't, ask the scrapbookers in your life. I bet they've got a stockpile you could use for this craft to keep it as cheap as possible!

9) St. Patrick's Day Play Dough from Plain Vanilla Mom
This recipe for homemade Play Dough calls for lime Jell-O and gel food coloring to get a deep, vibrant green. Add sparkles and you've got a toy that will entertain your little leprechauns for hours!

10) Rainbow & Pot of Gold Chain Necklace from Crafty Morning
Remember those paper chains you'd make as a kid to count down to important days like Christmas or your birthday? Well they're back and this time mini-versions are made into a St. Patrick's Day necklace. I love how these look! They would make a great craftivity for elementary school kids on March 17th, for sure!

May the luck of the Irish shine on you this year! Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Sunday, March 3, 2019

10 Kid Friendly Dr. Seuss Inspired Treats

You know him. You love him. That's right- I'm talking about the one and only Dr. Seuss! Beloved author of zany kids' stories like The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and HamHow the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Lorax (just to name a few) celebrated his birthday on March 2nd.  His birthday also coincides with Read Across America Week in many schools, which is very fitting! Here are some delicious Dr. Seuss inspired treats that you and your little ones can make in honor of such a talented man!

1) Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites by That's What Che Said...
You won't have to bribe your kiddos to partake in this adorable snack. I guarantee they'll eat them in a boat, in a house, or in a car! Super simple and affordable!

2) Dr. Seuss Rainbow Cookies by Deliciously Declassified
Dr. Seuss's stories were always filled with vibrant colors. You could definitely enjoy these beautiful lollipop-looking cookies for many different occasions, but they'd be very festive on Dr. Seuss day because they look like rainbow truffula trees. Store-bought cookie dough is an easy time-saver in this recipe!

3) Dr. Seuss 'The Lorax' Rice Krispies Pops by Mommy Musings
While it's difficult to choose, The Lorax is hands-down one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books of all time. He's such a cute little guy, even when he's fired up and speaking for the trees! Kids will love turning a classic treat into these Lorax pops and they are sure to impress at any class party.

4) Dr. Seuss 'Put Me in the Zoo' Chocolate Bark by Easy Family Recipe Ideas
I often include bark recipes in my kid-friendly treat lists because they are so easy to make and can be easily adapted to suit your needs. Simply use yellow chocolate melts and M&Ms candies to create a look that goes along perfectly with the book 'Put Me in the Zoo.'

5) Lorax Cake from Diamonds for Dessert
If you really want to WOW for a Dr. Seuss-themed party, then this is the cake for you! The site provides you with all the templates and lots of photos to walk you through the more complicated parts. It still screams The Lorax even if you don't have the time or skills to do the title decorations on the cake. I love the truffula trees made out of cotton candy!

6) Thing 1 and Thing 2 Candy Apples from Kara's Party Ideas
Everybody loves candied apples! Usually a favorite fall treat, you can easily spruce these up to represent Thing 1 and Thing 2 from The Cat in the Hat. A striped stick and blue bow complete the look that will surely impress any party guest!

7) Oh the Places You'll Go Cupcakes by the Inspiration Edit
These cupcakes are darling and go perfectly with Dr. Seuss's beloved Oh the Places You'll Go. This would be a great theme for a graduation party. I know some parents who secretly sneak a copy of this book into their child's teacher at the end of the year for him or her to sign and write a little something. Then, when they graduate, the book with all their teachers' notes is presented to them as a gift. How sweet would it be if these cupcakes accompanied that gift?

8) Grinch Fudge by How to Make Easy Fudge
Try turning fudge green and adding a little candy sprinkle to celebrate the Grinch's classic tale. This would be a great holiday spin on the typical fudge given during the holiday season. Very simple and festive!

9) Barbaloot Snacks by Surviving a Teacher's Salary
These adorable snacks would be perfect as part of a classroom celebration for Dr. Seuss or Read Across America week. Not only would kids love eating these teddy grahams and marshmallows while they listen to the teacher read The Lorax, but they are easy on the teacher's wallet, too!

10) Dr. Seuss 'Cat in the Hat' Cupcakes by Tasty Kitchen
I love how simple these cupcakes are to create! Make your typical chocolate cupcakes and top them with Oreo cookies, vanilla frosting, and gummy lifesavers to recreate the cat's hat! Kids will love
this simple dessert idea.

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

Friday, March 1, 2019

10 Kid Friendly St. Patrick's Day Treats

What are your plans for March 17th? If your calendar is open, I suggest spending some time with your little leprechauns by whipping up these yummy St. Paddy's Day themed treats.

1) Shamrock Fudge from Love and Confections
Who doesn't love fudge? This fudge is deliciously green and decorated with green sprinkles and shamrocks. If this doesn't scream St. Patrick's Day, I don't know what does!

2) Peek-A-Boo St. Patrick's Day Cake from Mom Loves Baking
Kids and adults alike will be impressed with this gorgeous cake! Green frosting and sprinkles make it pretty on the outside, but that doesn't even compare to the hidden rainbow shamrock on the inside! Definitely a time-consuming treat, but well worth it for the look of awe you'll get when cutting it into slices.

3) Luck of the Irish Cake Balls from The Good Stuff
Cake balls are the perfect treat! They're small enough to curb any cravings you might be having without overindulging. Not to mention they're so dang cute. These are perfectly sized for little hands and kids will love seeing the green cake when they bite into one!

4) Leprechaun Hat S'mores from The Cake Blog
These little hats are absolutely adorable and delicious! Kids love s'mores and they'll be thrilled they can have a favorite treat like this outside of the summer months. I've made a similar treat for Thanksgiving that used peanut butter cups in place of the marshmallow for a pilgrim's hat.

5) Mint Chocolate M&M's Cookies from Not Quite Susie Homemaker
Creating a St. Patrick's Day treat doesn't have to be time-consuming or complicated. These cookies show a relatively simple way to sneak some festive fun into an ordinary treat. By adding green, mint-flavored M&M's, you create a cookie that everyone will love. Can't find mint M&M's? Mint chips from the baking aisle will work just as well!

6) Pots o' Gold Pretzel Bites from The Typical Mom
Not only is this treat visually appealing, but it's created with kids' favorite snacks! Airhead Extreme candies, Rolos, pretzel snaps, and gold sugar are used to create a fun St. Patrick's Day treat. I love that it looks complicated, but is actually quite simple and quick to make.

7) Leprechaun Cookies from Oh My Creative
How adorable are these leprechaun cookies?! A Nutter Butter cookie is used as the base and then dipped in melted chocolates to create the yummiest little leprechaun treats. Kids will love snatching these up. (Beware of peanut allergies if serving to a large group of kids, of course.)

8) St. Patrick's Day White Chocolate Bark from Celeb Baby Laundry
If you've never made white chocolate bark before, you really need to try it! It's so simple and versatile. Adding green M&Ms and shamrock sprinkles make this perfect for St. Paddy's Day. You could also add a flavor twist by adding mint chips in place of or in addition to the chocolate candies!

9) Shamrock Shake from Dinner at the Zoo
Everyone knows that St. Patrick's Day isn't complete without a shamrock shake! A certain fast-food chain is known for their version of this shake and it's crazy popular for a reason. While the drive-thru might be the first place you think of going for this minty treat, it's always a good idea to know how to make your own in case your luck is like mine and "the shake machine is broken." Every. Single. Time.

10) St. Patrick's Day Sugar Cookies from Baked in Arizona
These cookies are just as described-heavenly! Green frosting and shamrock sprinkles make these appropriate for March 17th, but you could easily switch up the food colors to celebrate any holiday. A good sugar cookie should never be underappreciated!

I hope you have a very happy St. Patrick's Day! Each a few of these treats for me.

Monday, February 25, 2019

10 Kid Friendly Mardi Gras Crafts

Do you celebrate Mardi Gras? If not, you really should! Here are ten ways to help you get in the holiday spirit with your family and friends.

1) Mardi Gras Slime from Little Bins for Little Hands
If you have a kid between the ages of 4 and 14, you definitely know all about slime! It's the latest craze and kids are obsessed. This recipe allows you to make your own festive slime while spending time together as opposed to just buying it from the store.

2) DIY Mardi Gras Masks from 100 Directions
No Mardi Gras celebration is complete without a fancy mask! These are easy to make using paper, a straw, and the provided template. You can make these as simple or as gaudy as you'd like. Kids will love to jazz them up with glitter, jewels, and feathers!

3) Mardi Gras Calming Jar from Mom Dot
While beautiful to look at, calming jars are also behavior education tools that help a child in the throes of a meltdown for whatever reason calm down. Kids will love watching the baby float serenely around the jar.

4) Mardi Gras Paper Plate Tambourine from Activities for Kids
Half the fun of a Mardi Gras celebration is the musical entertainment! Your kids will be able to join in on the New Orleans jazz with these little tambourines made from paper plates and beads. This would be a great craft for Pre-K and lower elementary classes.

5) Pom Pom Mardi Gras Creatures from S&S Blog
These little guys will surely brighten up anyone's day! It's funny how some pom poms and crazy eyes can make crafts come alive. Use purple, green, and gold as your main creature colors and you'll have your very own Mardi Gras themed pal.

6) Paper Jester Hat Craft from Mardi Gras Outlet
Every Mardi Gras party needs a jokester! Kids will enjoy using green, purple, and yellow paper to create their very own jester hats. The provided template makes it super easy to create. This would be another great activity for an elementary class. Try printing the templates onto the colored paper to save even more time!

7) Mardi Gras Mask from Activities for Kids
Here's another take on the traditional Mardi Gras mask. This one has you use foam sheets for the mask so they are safe and comfortable for little faces. There is a long list of possible decorating materials for your masks. I really like the idea of using cupcake liners!

8) Mardi Gras Bead Coasters from Rust and Sunshine
If you've ever been to a Mardi Gras celebration, there's one thing you surely have-lots and lots of beads! Why not recycle some of those necklaces into festive coasters for your guests to enjoy at your next Mardi Gras bash? I like how versatile this craft is. By changing up the color of the beads, you can easily make coaster sets for any holiday!

9) Fat Tuesday Calming Jar from Mom Dot
Here's another option for a calming jar that fits a Mardi Gras theme. If you haven't tried these out with your kids yet, you really should! If for nothing else, they give kids a sensory experience that helps ease their minds and emotions before bedtime.

10) King's Crown Craft from All Parenting
Every kid wants the chance to be king or queen for a day, so they will love this crafty activity. Use purple and green embellishments to make a crown fit for Mardi Gras royalty!

Happy Fat Tuesday everybody!
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